Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mommy You Smell Yummy!

I was laying in my bed with the computer. I had taken a bath, relaxed and Sophia came in to lay with me. She loves to snuggle. She crawls under our fluffy down comforter and snuggles up to me and pets my arm and smells me.

She says, "Mommy you smell so yummy! I need to take a bath tomorrow night because I have smellies from doing all bunch of stuff today! I just want to say that you are my favorite first born Mom! You are so sweet. You teach me things and show me how to learn, and when I am disobedient you give me consequences. Sometimes you just have to look at me a certain way or just say 'ahem' and I know that I should make a better choice.
I love you. You are my mom, my special mom.You know you make mistakes, but that is okay. God forgives you. He is King of kings. I am going to worship Him forever.And you will be the first that I invite to my birthday. I will invite the rest of my family too. I hate when you go away for long trips. I am going to go with you up to Mimi and Poppies house. Tomorrow we get to go on our trip. That will be fun. Tomorrow I am going to send you a little love card because I love you .I am going to draw some little hearts on it and then do the little hearts in the shape of a heart (demonstrates by drawing on my back). I am going to tell you a secret....I am going to make you some treats...."

I kid you not, she said this with all one breath. All I did was lay on the bed and dictate her word for word onto the computer. I love her little mind and her very expressive mouth. It is nice to know that I make mistakes, but I'm forgiven and I am a special mom that is close to her heart. Precious girl!


  1. What a verbose child! That is so sweet!

  2. I look forward to the day when my daughter expresses her feelings through more than just kisses! What a precious gift you have!

  3. How rewarding! A special gift from God so early in the morning!


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