Friday, April 25, 2008


Sophia came home with a splinter in her leg today. She was bothered by it. She asked me to remove it. Of course she asked how I would remove it. I said probably with some tweezers and a needle.
Her eyes got big, "A needle! Like the pointy thing you use for sewing?"
With tears in her eyes, "No, no, no! If you use the needle, I will not be your daughter anymore! It will hurt! No Mom NO!"

She was happy that I ended up removing the splinter without a needle and I was happy to know that I still have a daughter!


  1. That sounds like something Grace would say...she barely lets me use the tweezers! LOL I'm glad all ended well.

  2. CUTE! When I was little I would ask my mom to cover up my splinter w/ a bandaid and never let her touch them unless, of course, I felt like I was dying!

  3. Once my Dad's friend came home with him and my Mom had me laid out on the couch with a splinter in my toe waiting for my dad to take care of it. My Dad's friend saw it and just took out his pocket knife and cut a chunk of my toe out around the splinter. Splinter gone (and part of my toe)

  4. Also try mixing epsom salt with water in a sink. Then soak up all the water with a towel. Place the towel on the area with the splinter. The epsom salt brings the splinter out. It truly is so cool.

    She sounds like such a cutie!


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