Thursday, April 24, 2008


Eavesdropping on my child's conversation with her little friend Aden.

Lydia: Want me read story to you?
Aden: Oh, yes please!
Lydia: Once pon uh time, der was perty gwirl. (Turn page) She poke her eye.
Aden: Oh no! That kinda sad.
Lydia: Yah. She sad. She cying...waa waa waaa. It hwurt!
Aden: Maybe she should go to the Doctor?
Lydia: No, she pwincess! She not a Doctor. She need bandaid.
Aden: Oh yes. That would be nice.
Lydia: You wanna go watch Supa why?
Aden: Yes Lydia. I LOVE that show!


  1. CUTE!!! I look forward to "eavesdropping" on Ellie's conversations when she starts talking!

  2. I love listening to those little conversations!

    And my girls love Super Why too, although my youngest calls it Super Wide.


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