Monday, April 28, 2008


It seems that I write lists a lot. I like lists. It makes me feel organized. I have the habit of writing a list and then the next day re-writing the list. It is the ever going list. I think this gal likes lists too. She even has a book and blog devoted to just lists.

Lists are good way to organize the buzy-ness of my life. However-- probably one of the reasons I don't sleep well is because my list is constantly running in my head. I am sure many of you can relate? Have you ever laid in bed, rested your weary tired head on your pillow ready to drift off to dreamland, yet your mind can't shut down. It won't rest. You have an internal argument with your mind ---GO TO SLEEP is what you tell it, but no, no, no... it is busy going over the list. You sit up to write a few of the things down on a notepad resting on your nightstand. However, this doesn't seem to satisfy your mind and you usually get out of bed to do some task because you might as well be doing something rather just lying in your bed arguing.

Well, besides this post seeming to be of random importance and really not going anywhere...I just want to say that these past few weeks have been serious list making in my life, hence the absence of few good regular posts (something of more valuable interest).

Here is a snippet of a few things on my list as of late (sadly most are related to cleaning):
* Clean the Van
* Finish the Laundry
* Clean the Office
* Scrapbook
* Finish Rosalia's Birth announcement (I know---she is five months old and I have yet to finish!SAD)
* Sew summer dresses for the girls
* Play my guitar
* Read a book (a novel)

What is on your list?


  1. I'm totally a list writer...the only problem is remember to look at the list? :)

    I "surfed" over to your blog from BLOGHer Ads!Thanks!

  2. I like writing a list too. It keeps me focused on tasks I need to do...

  3. oh, the usual...
    Making a wedding gift
    Making a mother's day gift
    And when will this 2.5 year old ever potty train?


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