Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Mother's Perspective

5 minutes for mom is having a photo contest. They want to know what motherhood means & they want us to post a photo to capture that moment. I am entering in this post to the contest. I am also entering this to Gregory E Lang for an article in his book.

Having three daughters has been wonderful and challenging. Some days, by God's grace, I'm able to miraculously accomplish everything on my list . . . those days are few and far between. Most days, also by God's grace, I spend the whole day cleaning everyone and everything besides myself (except when the baby spits up on me) and it's all I can do to also make sure everyone is fed and clothed (at least half way . . . Lydia is potty training and is almost always half naked). You know you're a mom when you get excited about things like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and best of all, eating and if it is warm food, that is a great bonus! There are days I feel utterly defeated and like a failure. I think, "God, there is someone that can do a much better job than I'm doing today? " I feel completely bombarded with all the things that I have to do or be. Yes, many times I think that in order to be a good mom, that I should try to handle everything all on my own. But, really for me to be the best mom to my girls, I need to quit trying to do it all and let God be my strength.

I am working on abiding in the Lord every moment throughout my day and let Him keep me there, in that joyful, peaceful place of abiding. Then the frustrations of not being able to do things my way fade away and instead, I can rest in knowing that it is God who carries me through each moment. It is God's light through me that my family needs to see the most. The Lord gives me peace, strength, motivations, excitement, passion, and wisdom when I'm abiding in Him. Even cleaning up a poopy diaper can be a joy if I let God give me a song to sing while I do it! I'm learning to LET IT GO if it's not of Him....and take a deep breath while I fall back into His arms. His Grace. His Mercy! 2 Corinthians 12:9, which says, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

My three girls are blessings to me. It is through them that I have found laughter and joy on almost a daily basis. I love to see their minds develop into sweet young ladies. They admire their Mommy and it is all I can do to portray a Godly woman to them, so that they in turn display those same characteristics to their children someday. I see some of these characteristics displayed in the way they play with one another. It is beautiful to watch how gently they care for one another (yes, they pull hair, pinch, push each other a lot of times too. They are sisters!) But, they do have a sweet unconditional love for each other that many times moves me to tears. It is a privilege to be a mom and it is easy for me to miss the things I love about my girls: chubby arms squeezing my neck and giving me a little massage, their deep belly laughter, smushed-nose good-night kisses, little hands reaching for mine, toothless slobbery smiles, bringing me books to read to them as they crawl up on my lap, nursing their little babies like Mama does, licking the spoon while we make pies or cookies, twirling and twirling in their ballerina dresses, loud taps from dancing in their tap shoes across the wooden floor, singing with a loud voice half the words to the song, singing the same song over and over and over again, singing Jesus Loves Me to their baby sister to calm her cries, and their sweet little voices telling me "Mommy, you are a princess. You are so beautiful. I love you sooooooo much, Mommy!"

My perspective is changing. God is working. I am beginning to notice these little things they do and thanking God for these blessings. Time escapes, quickly. Yes, I am a busy mom. But it is important for me to find time to sit at the feet of Jesus and receive the strength to continue to pour out my life into my girls: to teach and be an example of a woman after God's own heart. Play with them. Pray with them. Sing to them. Snuggle with them. Read to them. Fold laundry with them. Doing all these things, in God's strength, and worshiping Him in the process. I love being a mommy. I love being a mommy to daughters. I love being their Mommy. I am blessed.

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  1. Aren't girls the greatest? I have six of my own all in a row. :D

    Beautiful pictures!

    I came over from 5mintuesforMom.


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