Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Ric/Papa

You were born May 2nd and became a son to two people in love. God gave them great wisdom in raising you and you have grown to be a godly man in so many ways.

A couple decades later you became a husband and we became one.
You are the love of my life...
The man I prefer to hold hands with. The man I love to wake up next to every morning and snuggle down with every night. The man I love to travel places with. Watch movie marathons. Flying kites with you. Drinking lattes. Pizza grins. Harmonica. Dancing. Praying together.

Then a few years later you became a father. Three lovely daughters.
They love to dance with you, their prince charming (derrick, john...etc.). You made them a homemade swing and love to push them high in the air. You planted a beautiful garden that they love to help you water. You make them pizza and Papa bread---the best ever! You read to them stories from the Bible and teach them deep theological things. You have mowed the lawn with them hanging on your back. You let them push the button on the blender.

We love life with you.

Happy Birthday Ric, Papa!


  1. Oh, how sweet! I'm the proud Mama and so happy that Ric has such a loving family.
    Happy Birthday Son!

  2. Such a sweet tribute! You have a beautiful family :)

    I especially like "you let them push the button on the blender". He sounds like such a neat daddy.

    I stopped over via BlogHer headlines...nice to "meet" you :)


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