Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friends, Fwends

I work at the YMCA once a week for three hours. Lydia likes to call it "her school time". She has two other little girlfriends (whose mommies also work the same shift as I do) that are the same age. You can imagine 3 --3 year olds....sassy and sweet at the same time!

We caught them this day having a great time playing together. They were playing so well. Not everyday is like this. They set up an area for a picnic for their babies. I love the fact that they were all dressed in pink. If only you could of heard the conversation. Friends.

Everyday Lydia asks Sophia after we pick her up from school; "How's you fwends Sophia?"...Now, Lydia has begun telling Sophia after "her YMCA school" about her own fwends. "We pay wots too-getter and singa and dance and babies! Dey good. My fwends good!"


  1. How sweet! There is nothing like first friends.

  2. I do have childhood friends with whom I keep in contact. Three of them I've known since kindergarten and the other three I've known since 6th grade. We try to get together once a month or more. Those girls know me better than I know myself!


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