Monday, February 25, 2008

My So Called Life

I have not been able to blog or enter a meal plan this week because... is happening crazy ways.

The Weekend:
  • I had attempted to do laundry (we have an abundant of clean laundry that needs to be put away) It is still there...mocking me!
  • It was pouring rain, hailing, windy (the type of weather where you just want to stay inside bundled up by the fire)
  • Took Rosalia to the Emergency Room because she was having difficulty breathing. I had called the Doctor and he recommended that we just go to the ER. It was crazy, crazy in the ER. It was packed full of sick people. (I do NOT like going there). People had been waiting over 2 hours to be seen. The hospital had record amount of people being seen that month...over 200 people a day in the ER. Yikes. Thank you Lord that we only had to wait an hour and we got in and out quickly. We also saw a friend who happens to be an ER trauma nurse. It was a breath of fresh air to see her. After taking Rosalia home---she remained fussy for the entire day. I am completely sympathetic to those parents that have colic babies. Because, she was literally screaming almost all day long. She was miserable. (She is really a good baby and usually hardly ever cries). I held her the entire day attempting to comfort, extract mucus, nurse, and love my baby. Rosalia is breathing better and doing well now. God is good.
  • Called Poison Control Center (PCC) because my 2 1/2 year old sneaky Lydia found and drank half a bottle of infant Tylenol. Thankfully, the PCC gentleman and I figured out how much she actually ingested and figured that she would be just fine. Ah, that little booger! I am not going to have much hair left before she even turns 3. (This is the third time I have had to call the PCC during her little lifetime---oh, she is good, really good about getting into things she shouldn't be)!
  • My 5 year old daughter has somehow turned 16 years old? How does this attitude happen to occur in such a young little lady? Arg. With her eyes rolling, "Whatever Mom!"
  • Thankfully, we ended the weekend with a Night of Worship, Food, and Fellowship with my band that I sing with... oh, it was nice to just sing to the Lord and give over to Him all these ups and downs of being a mom.
  • My computer decided to have a tantrum as well. It was stubbornly not willing to connect to the internet. So, finally with a little disciplinary action, we got her up and obeying.
Monday Night:
I took a bath to just get away ---to have a break from my little world. I dipped my whole head under the water. Silence. Beautiful. I wanted to stay in there until I was a prune....or a little raisin. Thank you Lord for warm, cozy, bubbly water. It is so nice to escape reality for at least 30 minutes.
Now, off to bed for some rest. Tomorrow is another day full of adventure. There is never a dull moment in this house.

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