Tuesday, February 26, 2008

24 Hours in our Lives: Part One

I have been wanting to do this for awhile. Now, you can see just a glimpse of our lives in a day. But, truly I must tell you that everyday is different for us. Here is WE today....

7am -- Out of bed. Made a delicious homemade meal of cereal for the girls. It was so gourmet. Pour the cereal in the bowl and top it with some soy milk.

7:30am -- Wake-up Rosalia and change her diaper. Load the girls into the car to Sophia to school.

8:00am -- Dutch Bros. Coffee. Nuff Said.

8:15am -- Grocery shopping. Lydia is a big helper today. She finds things on the list and not on the list and puts them in the grocery cart. Mama follows behind taking out "extras" from the cart and tries to stick with her "list". However, we did manage to buy a treat off of the list. An organic Kiwi fruit that Lydia picked out.

9:00am -- Home. Unload groceries. Lydia is eating her Kiwi fruit and now some yogurt.

10:00am -- I am currently checking emails, catching up on blog reading, and doing computer stuff. Lydia is watching Super Why on PBS. Rosalia is napping and snoring because her little nose is stuffy. Poor baby. Now, off to tackle laundry.

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