Sunday, February 17, 2008

Menu Plan February 18th...

Seems to be a lot going on this week in our home. I have attempted to make easy meals on those days that the hours are thin in my day. Crockpot meals are always a good way to have warm healthy meals without a lot of fuss and time.

Let me know if there is something on the menu that you would like the recipe for. Some of the recipes have click away! Next week I will add another idea section of healthy snacks. I am just to tired today to sort through my thoughts and files.

Have a blessed week everyone!

Fettucine w/ tomatoes, spinach and garlicky herb cream sauce

Crockpot Chili

Lentil Lasagna
Green Salad

Boca Burgers w/ homemade french fries (baked)

Garlicky Bean Enchiladas
Fruit Salad

Leeky, Creamy, "Chicken" and Dumpling Stoup


  1. I love your menu because I have been searching for what a vegetarian menu would look like. And honestly it all looks yummy! If you can find the time, I would be interested in the fettucine & tomatoes recipe; thank you. :D

  2. Ditto on the fettucine and tomatoes recipe !!

    And the bean enchiladas ... they'll be on my menu soon !!

  3. Lentil lasagna sounds yummy. Have a great week!

  4. Looks like a great menu this week! I hope you find some time to rest (my little guy is teething a molar so has decided to stop sleeping through the night - I can relate to tiredness!) and enjoy the week with your beautiful girls!


  5. I love your menu!

    Where do you find your vegetarian crockpot recipes? I have a hard time finding them.

    I hope that everyone is feeling better soon.

  6. wow, love your menu!! I'm looking for more vegetarian recipes all the time! If you have any crock pot ones, I'd love to know!!

  7. I'm looking for lentil ideas. Lasagna sounds interesting. Have you made it before? Any tips to share?


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