Saturday, February 16, 2008

2 Year Old Perspective

  • Let's see what the new baby does when I jab my finger in her eye. (I wonder if they new baby would like to have a raisin like me)
  • How would this pasta taste if I completely dunk it in my milk.
  • These postage stamps make really neat stickers
  • I think the baby is hungry. Maybe she'd like a piece of celery. (Or raisin)
  • I bet chocolate handprints would improve the look of this couch.
  • It is impossible for me to keep my shoes on if I am in my car seat.
  • I need to be at the top of the highest appliance in the house.
  • Every object in this house needs my signature on it in permanent marker.
  • Diaper wipes look so lonely in the box. I should take them all out so they can play.
  • I wonder if this green marker is as healthy as green vegetables.
  • Mom's hair stuff smells good. I should rub it all over my body.
  • Jumping from the couch to the coffee table needs to be an Olympic event.
  • Sleep is for sissies!
  • My goal in life is to take everything within my reach and put it where it doesn't belong.

Adapted from Mom..and Loving It! by hilliard and autry


  1. This.

  2. Susie Mimi8:56 PM

    Lydia loves to have fun and I think she wants others to have fun with her. I know she loves her little sister. How special to share a raisin, but I think she should wait til Rosalia has teeth. Ha! Ha! Good thing Lydia told you she shared.She is a "funny girl"! AND a blessing!


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