Sunday, February 17, 2008

5 Year Old Perspective

We have been without income for 4 months now. (The Lord is good and has provided our needs)....but, there are times that Papa gets down. He is the provider for our family and it is sometimes difficult for him to see that he is not providing physical income (although in our hearts he has). We are proud of him.

It was one of these "down" moments for Papa tonight. Sophia leaves the room and comes back with her jar of money. She reaches in and hands her Papa a handful of coins.

Sophia: "It is not about toys that I care about. It is about God and my family ---and God wants us to share. It will be okay Papa. Really."

I just want to burst into tears from the sweet tenderness of this child. My heart is warmed. This is beautiful perspective on life. God is already using this precious child for His glory.


  1. Susie Mimi8:38 PM

    Sophia is such a blessing! And her Papa is an example of the Lord to her. One of my prayers for Sophia has been, even before she was born, that she would have a heart for the Lord and that she would glorify Him in her life. She is a Treasure! Mamma & Papa you are Treasures too. Thanks for raising your girls to love and trust the Lord. I always pray for you.
    I Love you Bunches!
    Hugs, Kisses, and Pats.

  2. I agree with "susie mimi's" comment. I couldn't have said it better.
    Grandma Teri


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