Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Food Story: Part Two

I needed a change.

I went to a homeopathic, certified nutritionist, chiropractor ( I know, really a long title), but he was amazing. This was the first time since being sick that I felt heard and understood. I sat with him during our first consultation and felt like he was listening to me and truly understanding how I was feeling.
I went home and completed a food diary while he prepared a special plan designed specifically for me ---to help with healing. I began on the plan.

  • I would taper off the Prednisone
  • Limit all Dairy, Citrus, Sugars, processed foods, Meats, Beans & Legumes, Rough foods like lettuce, breads, wheat, etc. (eventually, I would be able add things back into my diet--to see what foods bothered me)
  • I began taking several herbals, vitamins, and natural medicines to help with healing.
Ric and I began to start researching nutrition and health. We discovered what we put in our bodies really portrays our health and well being. (Yeah, profound I know!)

Now, you have to understand....that this healing diet was very difficult for me. I began to eat brown rice and I really did not like brown rice. My husband already liked it, but I was not too keen on the idea. It was hard for me to maintain faithful to this, but through much motivation and accountability from Ric and the repercussions of not eating well, I was able to stick to it.

I adapted. I survived. For example, I would add soy sauce and walnuts and avocado to my brown rice. This was the only way I could eat it for awhile. But, now I love brown rice and prefer it to white rice.

Ric studied the McDougall program and also read Sugar Blues. We started to incorporate those ideas into our diet.

It was from then on that we began to eat more of a vegan diet. We now eat fish occasionally, dairy on occasion, and try to eat more of a whole foods diet.

It took about a year after my diagnosis before I felt better. However, through prayer and this change I have not had any severe problems with my CROHN's disease.

Praise the Lord, I believe that I am healed.

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