Tuesday, February 26, 2008

24 Hours in our Lives: Part Two

10:00 am -- put on a load of laundry. Finally taking a shower.

10:20 am -- Rosalia is awake and hungry.

10:45 am -- Lydia and I vacuum the rug.

10:50 am -- Lydia watching Cedarmont Kids Toddler Tunes. She wants to watch the ABC song over and over again. I am sweeping floors since they haven't been done in months.

10:55 am -- Lydia takes it upon herself to get a snack for her to eat by invading the pantry. She grabs some graham cracker sticks. I am proud that she even found a delicate glass plate to put her snack upon. Dainty lady.

11:05 am -- unload dishwasher. I put on some worship music on to play.

11:15 am -- Rosalia swinging. Lydia playing with her Barbie dolls. I am about finished cleaning the kitchen. Hmm.

11:30 am -- Lydia and I play a game together. Princess checkers. For those of your wanting to know how to play checkers with a 2 years old, I suggest just letting her make up the rules and smile and nod and pretend like you completely love this game. It is not really checkers, but match the pieces and stack them up and the knock them over and the scatter them all over the board and then, "you be her and I be her"....

11:45 am -- Okay, the game didn't last too long. Lydia wants to sing her ABC song again. I need to change Rosalia's diaper again. Time for some sleep for dear little Rosie. So, I am rocking Rosalia to sleep in her bouncy seat while I check in with the computer again. I think I will read a little bit now too.

12:15 pm ---Oh, time for lunch. Pasta sounds good today. Quick and easy. I put a tossed salad on my plate.

12:50 pm --- Yikes. I need to pick up Sophia up at school. Throw the kids in the car and go....

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  1. Oh my goodness, her rapid dance to the fast ABC verse is quite familiar. Aden spins donuts around the living room for that verse he goes so fast. It was hilarious to see another 2-year old doing essentially the same thing to the same song.


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