Tuesday, February 26, 2008

24 Hours in our Lives: Part Three

1:00pm -- Pick up Sophia from school

1:15pm -- Drop of some "Army Gear" (a play vest & belt and a little army onesie) for some friends whose boy is having his eighth birthday party tomorrow...an Army party. They have a little baby boy too, so he gets to wear the little onesie for the occasion.

1:30pm -- Lydia falls asleep on the car ride home. Rosalia has been sleeping too. Unload sleeping girls. Lydia is on the couch wrapped in her Shrek blankie and Rosalia is still in her carseat placed inside my bedroom sleeping. Sophia gets to watch a little show and have a snack.

2:00pm -- Sophia homework. Girls still napping. I am about take a 10 minute snooze myself.

2:10pm -- Finish addressing Pampered Chef postcard invites. I am having a party on March 8th. Anyone want to buy something from a Pampered Chef??

2:30pm -- Help Sophia with her homework

3:00pm -- Rosalia awake. Need to feed her and change diaper. It is time to get the girls into their ballet outfits too.

3:15pm -- Get girls dressed for dance class into the car. It is time to Piqué and tap some feet!

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  1. Doesn't caring for your family make life so sweet?


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