Saturday, January 19, 2008

Showers of Love for Rosalia

Today we were blessed by friends of the church with showers of blessing and love for Rosalia.

A delicate brunch: Quiche, Fruit, Croissants, Crackers and Cheese, Juice

Fun Games: Alphabet Name Game, Name the Mom & Child of each Animal (i.e. Chicken --Hen, Chick)....and the last game was a memory game ( I went to the shower and brought a Sassy Rattle, a pair of booties, etc.)
A cute idea: Each of the game gifts matched the game that was played. The Alphabet Game Winner received Alphabet soup. The Animal Game received Animal Cookies. The Memory Game winner received a scripture planner. I thought this was a clever idea.

A sweet inspirational devotion: A special friend and mentor Dona shared her words of wisdom.

Lovely presents: homemade quilts and a bib, soft yummy material for me to make the girls some sweet jammies with a gift card to JoAnn Fabrics, a couple of much needed girl outfits, and lots more!

Cake: How can I forget the lovely cake. White cake with fresh raspberry filling and a buttercream frosting. Delicious!

Lydia enjoying her cake too!

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