Saturday, January 19, 2008


Ric and I have been "going green" in our home over the past several years. And, we continue to do more things that will benefit the health and safety of our home, children, and environment.
I am going to share with you what we have been doing, changes we have currently taken, and changes we would like to make.
How about you? Share with me your ideas and thoughts. I would love to hear them.

Here is what we have been doing already for quite awhile:
  • Composting
  • Growing an Organic Garden
  • Shop at Farmer's Market (would like to do this more often)
  • Recycle
  • We use CFL lightbulbs
  • Use cold water when doing laundry
  • Installed ceiling fans to help with reducing use of our air conditioner

Here is some changes we have made in the past year:
  • Cloth Diapers (we used them partly with Sophia ---but, then resorted to disposables with Lydia---now, we are using these with Rosalia)
  • Cleaning Products - We are using Seventh Generation products, Simple Green, and some Homemade products. I would like to find more recipes for the Homemade products too.
  • Aromatherapy -- making my own "medicines" or rather using recipes with essential oils to help aid a problem. For example, I will put a couple of drops of Lavender or Tea Tree Oil in the humidifier in the girls room. It helps with breathing during the cold season.
  • Shampoos, Conditioners, Lotions, Soaps, etc. --We are switching over to using safer products that do not have mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, or Sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates.
  • Using Re-usable bags at the grocery store
  • Hang Dry clothes in the summer time

Here are things we are working towards learning and doing:
  • Buying more Organic Veggies
  • Not use as much paper/plastic products for eating (paper plates, plastic cups, etc). Instead we would use our dishes when guests come over.

Here are some good websites and resources.

Green Guide Home
Skin Deep (This site you can search products that you would use on your skin, hair, etc. and find the level of danger, etc.)
Unacceptable Ingredients/chemicals
Health and Safety Info on Household Products
Green Ideas

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