Friday, November 02, 2007

Labor of Love

Yesterday I went to have my day at the Spa. Let's just say I would dream of having that done every night before I go to bed. If this were to happen I would be able to sleep very well. It was fabulous! Wonderful, relaxing, rejeuvenating, etc. After a very long and tough week, the time at the Spa was perfect.

As most of you know, Papa was out of town to Las Vegas on a business trip all week. I had been sick last Friday and never really had time to recover when he left on Sunday morning. Sophia ended up getting sick and Lydia was a little sick too. Monday night, I ended up taking Sophia to the ER room. She had hives ALL over her body and was very uncomfortable---with itching, soreness, etc. My poor baby! Oh, and I was having contractions.

My mom thankfully came that night to stay with us until Papa got home. later in the week We were all exhausted at midnight, but still had a rough night ahead of us. Sophia was up often with itching and I was sleeping next to her making sure that the hives didn't cause her to have difficulty breathing. About 3am, she awoke itching her face and neck...and was wheezing a little. Her face was very swollen. I just laid with her and prayed and slowly she stopped itching and was breathing normal. I think we got a few hours of sleep.

The next day Sophia was better---her spirits were up...however, she was swollen from the Prednisone (plus two other medications given to her at the hospital) and she had pale skin. We took a day of rest. With Mimi being here, she was able to watch Lydia while I was able to catch up on rest and get better. Sophia was recovering too.

I had several errands picking up prescriptions, Dr. appointments, etc. that needed to be done over the next few days too. However, I scheduled my 3 hour spa time for Thursday while my mom was here to watch the girls. Oh, this was much needed!

I had a great time. I was served hot tea and a warm wrap for my shoulders when I arrived. I then had a facial. It was so awesome! I loved my facial. I had never had a facial done before and it was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.

I then had a full body scrub, aromatherapy paraffin on my hands and feet, and a labor of love massage. I think I may have fallen asleep, I was so relaxed and it was very soothing. It was nice to be pampered and have that time of peace and solitude for at least 3 hours!

Next week I am getting my haircut! And, then I hope to have ( a few days or the day before my scheduled c-section) to go get my pedicure and manicure ! I should be relaxed and beautified for this bundle coming in about 2 weeks!

Oh, the date for Baby Mae's arrival will be Wednesday November 21st at 12:30pm! Yep, that's right the day before Thanksgiving. This little butterball turkey will be coming out!

So, with ALL MY HEART, I want to say THANK YOU to all my family and friends that made this time special for me and giving me this special treat to be pampered for my "early" birthday. It was a real treat and I can't express how much it helped me.

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