Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just a little plug....

It has been a long week for home. I was very sick on Friday evening and had never really time to recover until Tuesday. My lil' daisy Sophia was wilting away Monday evening. She broke out in severe hives that sent her to the ER. My poor girl looked horrible. Her body was completley red, swollen and splotchy! She itched liked crazy. It is so hard to see your baby go through so much pain and suffering. I so much wanted to take her place. I realize how God must have felt when his Son was on the cross. It is so hard to see the suffering of your loved one.

My mom came to the rescue and is staying with us until my darling hubby gets home from his business trip to Las Vegas. It has been nice to have her here. I have been able to REST most of all and then also get some activities and things on my agenda done.

We carved pumpkins today. I will post them later....when my laptop gets fixed and back from the computer doctor! I also wanted to post pics from our trip to the pumpkin patch that we did about 2 weeks Sophia's birthday at the beginning of October. I will post all those goody pictures later...

We are about to get dressed and ready for the Harvest Festival out a farm. It should be spectacular....with pony rides, hay rides, apple bobbing, cotton candy, etc. I hear they are having warm homemade chili and cornbread too. Sweet!

I will have to write more later. Just wanted to give a little plug to let y'all know that we are surviving in the Lil' Daisy household! We are still here, just recovering and busy catching up on life stuff.

Hope all of you have a safe Halloween and Happy Harvest Y'all!

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  1. Harvest time was fun with the girls. They were so cute! --Mimi


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