Sunday, October 07, 2007

Monday Menu October 7th

It has been a busy weekend and I am REALLY tired! Sophia had a wonderful birthday party. We had about 24 kids here and it was a blast. I am so glad the weather was perfect. I will share later about the party with some pics included too.

So, I am barley scratchin' to get this menu out. I am actually in my bed with my body pillow under my 8 month prego belly trying to get baby's foot or bottom out from under my ribs. Pretty basic menu this week folks. But, I am trying to include more festive fall meals in my menu. I just love the smells and tastes of fall!

Have a great week!


Trader Joes Blueberry Crumpets w/ cream cheese (Juice & Hot Cocoa)
Oatmeal w/ raisins (Soymilk)
Cereal w/ soymilk & toast (Juice)
Apple Pancakes
Smoothies & Toast


PB& J Sandwich, chips, carrots, apple
Tuna Sandwich chips, carrots, apple, tomatoes
Grilled Cheese and Apple Sandwiches


Pumpkin soup, Parmesean Crisps, Corn Muffins
Spaghetti & Veggie Meatballs, Green Salad
Tuscan White Bean Soup w/ kale, cheese bisquits
Taco Salad, Fresh Fruit
Baked Potato Bar

Baking: Pumpkin Muffins


  1. LOVE pumpkin soup! your menu plan sound delicious!

  2. Great idea on the baked potato bar. Your menu sounds great!

  3. Pumpkin soup sounds wonderful!

  4. Great menu, everything looks yummy!

    Menu Plan


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