Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Hips and Haps---Is there a point to this?

I've realized that I have not really written in my blog in awhile. We have been busy with preparing for baby's arrival after Thanksgiving, I haven't really sat down to take the time to write.
I had my Doctor's appointment today and he told me to rest more. He gave me a presecription for anxiety and for physical therapy, I am taking the hint to rest. I decided tonight to sit on my couch with the computer and ramble about life here at the Lil' Daisy Farm. (Okay, we don't live on a farm, but it sounded cute, and truly sometimes I think there are farm animals living in my house. We have lots of incessent moos and woofs and neighs!)
Pregnancy-- I am 7 months, almost 8 months along and HUGE. About everyday I am asked if I am having twins...
Are you sure there are not two of them in there?
Are you sure they have the correct due date?
Yes, there are not twins and Yes, the due date is correct! Hey, I am 5' 2" tall! There is nowhere else for my belly to go but out! And, everything else expands too....just my luck to have baby chub in my booty, thighs, arms, face, fingers, left big toe!
I am getting used to the comments though, since this being my third pregnancy and I looked HUGE with all of them.
So, we have decided to use cloth diapers with this baby. I am actually really excited and nervous, because there are so many options out there now for cloth diapering. It is amazing. We cloth diapered our first baby, but had a diapering service and used what they had. Now, I go on the internet and find sooooo many options and cute stuff too. I am thinking of trying a few different brands and options and seeing what works best. I will have to do another post about that.
Speaking of potty----Lydia is still NOT potty trained. However, everyday there seems to be a little improvement. Today she went three times in the potty! Yeah! Hand Applause!
So, we are slowly working on it. I am not really able to bend over and clean up the messes anymore with my ever expanding abdomen, so I have "Super Cleaner Girl" to the rescue. Yes, I am blessed with an almost 5 year old that loves to help by cleaning up her younger sister's mess. She is so funny! "Mama, Super Cleaner Girl can do it! " ---as she gets down on hands and knees with paper towels and wipees and cleans it all up! I am so proud to have a Super Cleaner Girl!

So....I found a great deal at MICHAELS store on Christmas paper. I love the $1 bins. You can find lots of good loot in there (perfect for baby shower prize gifts, christmas gifts, bithday gifts, etc.) Well, I happened to find some Christmas paper, envelopes, and stickers! I was soooo excited. I now have Christmas paper to print up our X-mas letter (already written)! I know you you are thinking I am weird, but hey my goal is to have not much to do but hold and nurse my baby for the month of December. To that, I think I am pretty smart and clever and organized!
Can you believe I already have about 97% of my Christmas shopping done? Yep! Sure do!

I cleaned and de-cluttered both bathrooms. (Hand Applause) I came up with a super idea for medicines. Well, my hubby might have, but I did it and expanded on it. I will have to show you a pic of it sometime. We use a clear tackle box from Walmart and put all our medicine needs in there. I have one for grown-up medicines and then another for the kids. It works great! I even went through all the medicines and threw out all the outdated medicines. I love it because it is all in one place!

I suppose I better end this long and boring to most of you post. I need to look more on-line at diapers and slings and fun baby stuff..... I am suppose to rest. I may even go take a bath! Ah, now that sounds like a great idea.
More to come.....

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