Friday, February 02, 2007

This week at our home

This week at our home: Rest
No, we have not been busy busy busy with many things that would normally tire us out. In fact, my calendar at the beginning of the week was completely full with activities, events, and such...but, when God says "Rest"...we had no other obligation than to just obey. That is exactly what we did this week. We kind of disappeared into our little hubble of a home and rested.
We had been blessed many weeks previous in good health. As many friends suffered the "sickness" that had rendered its way into their home--we continued to screech by unaffected. Until....Tuesday. That is when Sophia had a little tummy ache. No other symptoms to be seen or heard of....until 12:30am. I was awakened to my daughter releasing of all tummy ache stuff. So, Mommy to the rescue bathed, washed hair 3x, cleaned bed sheets, etc. and got my baby back to sleep all around 1:30am. The next two days we settled at home resting and getting Sophia better...when Lydia decided to join her sister in sympathy. Her little tummy ache exploded after nap time. Mommy to the rescue again attended the needs of my little baby with the same scenario, same prognosis. Then....Mommy to the rescue had to recover Mommy. Because Mommy has not been feeling good. Thankfully, Papa has been a blessing beyond words. I love him so! He has cleaned my kitchen, watched the girls while I rested...and still has worked hard on his job opportunities. What a guy!
I was bummed that I was unable to attend Bible Study, Bunco, Girl Night Out, and complete all the other 100 things on my to-do list...God knows, God knows, I needed the rest.
...Until next time...I will complete our time of "rest" and come back rejuvenated with more interesting thoughts to pour out.

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  1. I hope you guys feel better soon. It's fun reading your blog!! Love you. :)


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