Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Favorites and Sophia-isms


"I want to be a Cooker and a Dentist when I grow into an adult. Did you hear me God?"

In conversation with her Papa:
"If I go pee in my bed, then I will go to your bed. If I go pee in your bed, then I will go sleep on the couch. If I go pee on the couch, then I will sleep on the rug. If I pee on the rug, then I will sleep on the floor....and then it will be EVERYWHERE! Oh, no that would be yucky! And a BIG mess!"

Getting ready for bedtime:
Sophia: " I need help with my brushing teeth time Papa. You do the toothpaste and I will do the water."
Papa: "Bring the stuff here and I will help" (Papa is laying on the leather couch)
Sophia: " Well... Papa if I do that it you might drip it on the couch. But, okay...."
Sophia: "Oh, and by the way the toothpaste is the same color as your shirt Papa"
Papa puts toothpaste on Sophia's toothbrush
Sophia: As she walks toward the bathroom to get water on her toothbrush. Encouraging herself: "Okay Sophie, don't drop on the rug....don't drop on the floor....don't drop..."

Mama: "Sophia You have the cutest sister!"
Sophia:" Yeah, Thank you!"
Mama: "Lydia has the cutest sister!"
Sophia: "Yeah, Um...Is I'm it?"

Both girls have the favorite thing that they cling to for bedtime, naps, comfort, play, checking the mail, etc. It is the American Express of their lives "Don't leave home without it!"
Sophia's favorite:
Apple Dumpling. She received Apple when she was about 2 years of age from her Auntie Tif...and has loved on it, threw up on it (a mock velveteen rabbit), and has made Apple her very best friend. Apple is pretty much most events that involve Sophia. However, now that Sophia is a little older...Apple can manage to take a nap while she is at school. But, when it comes to bedtime or going out of town trips....Apple must be there!
Lydia's favorite:
"Belle" a black dog. She received "Belle" from her Mimi and Poppie for her 1 year birthday. Belle, the black dog, resembles my parents,Mimi & Poppie's black lab dog named..."Belle" (Go figure). "Belle" was one of the very first words that Lydia spoke. I think she may have said Belle even before Mama! You can see priorities in her life! Lydia loves her toy Belle. She has to have Belle with her to do mail call with Papa...The cutest darn thing you'd evah seen....she carries that big black dog with her as she toddle runs down to the mailbox! And, of course, Lydia does not go to sleep unless Belle is in her presence. And, when she wakes up Belle must get out of the crib too.
Ah....girls and their favorites. You just have to wonder if their favorite is of any resemblance to their personality!?

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  1. Sophia sounds really cute!! I've been waiting for my one and a half year-old to say more. She's a happy little firecracker. But I told her doctor on the last visit that I was concerned that her speech wasn't developing as fast as I thought it should. Then this past week, my mom came to visit and tried to get her to sit for a while. When the visit was over, my daughter, who doesn't like to sit for long, was glad to see her go! My mother said, Bye-bye, see you. And my daughter said, "Bye-bye, see you." I wonder what else she can say that she's not telling anyone! LOL!


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