Tuesday, February 13, 2007


my computer is not working well with our internet router...and i feel like i am missing my closest friend...i can't use my computer properly...and it is frustrating... maybe i should pray over it? so, here i am using our old laptop where the "i' rarley works properely. i have to hold it down to make use of it. arrrg.

So sorry....what a grump i am! This is not what i came here intending to write about in this blog entry. Kind of a negOtive start...i intended to write something about love and beauty and romance...afterall it is Valentines Week. We should be feeling the love in the air...we should be breathing it and exhaling it constantly. We should feel "PINK" inside...you know that giddy girly feeling...happy happy!

Well, not entirley so...but, I will try and make due of it. Afterall, I chose a cute PINK font color. It is sooo Pinkie!

I thought I would share some of my favorite romantic movies! These are the only ones i could think up off the top of my head. There are not many that came to mind. In the begginning, I had many just popping in my mind and then I suppose they just pooped out! Must of been my stringe of negOtivity in the start of this that just ruined my mood.

Tell me your favorites! I think I will grab a few Dove chocolates and snuggle up in my pink blanket with my pink slippers and pink teddy bear and pink lemonade on my pink couch to watch some LOVEly movie... sweet dreams!

"Return to Me"
"A Knight's Tale"
"Ever After"
"The Princess Bride" (Special Edition)

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