Thursday, February 22, 2007

Imitation Vanilla

As many of you know----I have a gift for hospitality. I love to entertain and there is not an ounce in my body that does not enjoy planning a party. I love all the aspects and details that go into planning. Creativity usually bubbles over from within me when I plan. Colors, decorations, themes, food, invitations, games....etc. This makes me happy inside and I love to fellowship with others and get to know them a little better each time on a more deeper level intellectually and spiritually.

A big part of being a Mommy is that little eyes are always watchful of what you say and do. Even when you think they don't hear your words or in the other room. They pick up on all expressions of your character. This can be a huge eye opening experience....pun intended! How I think and what I believe is portrayed in every detail of my being. And, kids pick up on it. Because what I think and believe results in what I say or setting my mind straight is of upmost importance. Take captive any unholy thought and putting on the mind of Christ daily in all I do. Easier said than done in many cases....But, day by day I am growing stronger. Thank you Lord. So to remembering how I carry through discipline I express anger and I express gratitude....etc. I am always in need of check-up.

So today, I am re-discovering that Sophia is quite the little imitation vanilla of me. Sophia is mini-me. (Oh Lord, help me now!)
She loves to talk. She loves to sing. She is dramatic. She is imaginative. She loves to watch movies. She loves chocolate. She loves to plan a good party!
Sophia and our neighbor boy Ethan have begun to plan the big party. They started planning yesterday and the party starts tomorrow. Hmmm? They are making decorations--paper chains. An invite list (they don't quite understand that Cousin Jess & Ryan can't make it tomorrow because they live too far away). It is quite an impressive list of guests. They have planned their menu: Pupcakes, Cake, Popcorn, Chips, Cookies, Juice, Tacos, Broccoli, Carrots, milk, Vegetable Soup (I am so impressed they didn't forget some healthy options for those that are health conscientious).

It is a joy to watch the passion of entertaining and time of good fellowship spill over into my daughter. She has a great imaginative play mind....and I love it! Thank you Lord that some pleasant traits are being soaked up into my little sponge. Imitation can be good sometimes. We all love the original classic vanilla bean....but sometimes imitation vanilla can be sweet and savory too.
So, I am going to use my special Imitation Vanilla in making my Pupcakes for my next party. She is sweet and creative! She will do a fine job in helping me....surely, she learned from the best!

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