Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stay tuned....

I have been delayed in writing for some least 2 weeks...shame shame! I know, I know...many of you have got on me the past few days to post something new. (I am so glad I have a small list of fans---thank you for reading!)
I have been itching to get here and write, but you know the story. Mama. Sometimes my life as a Mama is just full to the brim, that the ever so needed time to escape and vent, vamp, and visualize my so-n-so's are merely impossible some days.
I have so many things to share....oh, oh where to begin! I want to tell you so many things going on in wee big brain! Outrageous adventures....exciting journeys.....fantastic follies.....I have got to slow down and breathe....take a little break.... and sort out all of these thoughts that have welt up in my mind.
So, I think that I shall savor some of my thoughts for future entries and for today...with some simplicity....share some pics of my lovely lil' daisies! (As requested by the ever so pertinent Grandma! {smile} ) Stay tuned....

Lydia with her favorite animals! "Belle" (black dog) and "Panda"
She has also learned how to say "CHEESE" when the camera points her way!

Lydia's Loves: Reading and her "Belle"

Lydia expressively reading to Belle

Sophia and neighbor Ethan made Kites on a windy day. And they worked!

Bath Time! The girls LUV their bath.... "Cheese"

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