Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ladies & Gentlemen...Boyz & Girlz...INTRODUCING.....


Who? What? Ah, Yes. This is "TARGIRL" may know her "original name" as JANE, as in Tarzan & Jane?.... It is Tarzan's girl! Except, she is NOT Jane....She is TARGIRL! And, she will most astutely make you aware of this important notion. She is the one and only, TARGIRL...Tarzan's (our neighbor Ethan) drama queen! Isn't she lovely?

Note: As many of you know (Our daughter Sophia) for some reason does not always stick to her birth name....though, it means wisdom, and I believe she is living up to that name....In all her cleverness and wit, the name"Sophia" fades away for a time being....and a new name appears in its place. The challenge is to figure out who she is...but, no worries, Sophia, Ahem, I mean Fiona....will be sure to tell you her "pretend-real" name!
From Fiona...Princess Belle....Mannah...Sarah....Maid TARGIRL!
You just never know who you are going to meet....You just never know who we really are..... Ah, the realm of "pretend" is so ever desirable...wouldn't you just love to be a Shirley or a Betty? Well... I sure love knowing TARGIRL....she is a jungle of fun!


  1. I love my Targirl's hairstyle! Maybe she should get a trim. She would probably have to ask Tarzan if that is alright though! Maybe her sister's name is Jane! Love, Mimi

  2. Ah, yes...the infamous hairstyle! I think it makes her look rather wild! :-)


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