Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Princess of Excuses

Does anyone else have a four year old with impecible wit in creating excuses as to why she is unable to clean her room?
Ah, the saga has begun again with Sophia willingly trying to find any way she can to not clean or pick up toys.
Here are her latest:

After 5 minutes of "cleaning" (more likely standing there observing the mess): "Mama, I think I need some water because I am sweaty"

"I have a headache"

"I am tired"

"I have a Fever"

After another 5 minutes: "Papa, I forgot that I was suppose to clean." (she goes in her room and starts playing --forgetting that her real purpose is to clean. So, she claims she has forgotten)

30 seconds later, she skips back out: "Papa, will you cheer me up? I am having a hard time"

30 seconds later, she twirls back out: "Mama, I forgot again! I forgot to clean"

So... my only thoughts on motivation for her to get the job done: I put on Norah Jones song "Creepin' In". We change the words to "Clean on Up!" And, I put the song on repeat.
Creep on in (Clean on up)
Creep on in (Clean on up)
And once it has begun
Won't stop until it's done
Sneaking in

Besides the loooooong bathroom break in-between and asking three times for a "little break"...she slowly made progress in her room.
And, while she was in the bathroom for a second time, some unknown elf, came in and picked up that last few piles of stuff. The room was pretty much clean.
After Sophia's bathroom break. She runs out to say, " Okay, everyone I did it! I did it! I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes come see."
Sophia proceeds to lead us down the hallway to a closed door leading to her room. She opens the door proudly and says "Surprise ---Ta Da! I got it clean!"
I chose not to reveal the true clean-up elf....I just had to enjoy the immense self-appreciation and big smile upon my little girl's face --- the Princess of Excuses!

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