Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Famous Family

I am so proud of my family!
To be proud is a strong emotion for me....but, I am proud of my family's accomplishments.

As I was putting away Christmas decorations, Ric put a podcast on our stereo speakers
----the podcast: The Bay Bridged
---the feature artist: Petracovich.
For those of you who do not know of Petracovich (she is my cousin in-law Jessica Peters--wife to my cousin Ryan Malmberg!)

This podcast was done a few months ago....however, Ric failed to tell me about. But, nonetheless, I was so excited to hear her in this big podcast interview. Go Jess!
Check out the podcast

Then, I noticed on the bay bridged webpage... my cousin Ryan also featured on their website:

The Bay Bridged Artist-in-Residence

    This month we are privileged to showcase the work of Ryan Malmberg.

    Ryan approached us about doing the site and we were thrilled. Not being experts in flash (or artists) we were amazed with what he came up with! You can see more of his great work over at Finch Design

I have created links to my family titled "My Famous Family" on the left column. There you will find:
Petracovich -- Jess
Finch Design -- Ryan
Snowflower Music -- My Dad's recording studio productions
The Art of D. Marshall -- My brother' artwork
Broken Sky Films -- My cousins Anne & Gary Film production company

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