Saturday, January 27, 2007

All Giddy and Butterflies

Do you ever remember having butterflies in your stomach when you were about to go out on a big date? Well, it is still nice to have butterflies when I go out on a date with my man--after being married for 7 years and two children thus far....
I wake up happy in the morning of "date night" knowing that in the evening we are going to have time to just be with each other....
We started a ritual of "date nights" over a year or so ago and we have really been trying to keep it a consistent practice. For us "dating" helps to make our relationship a priority.
So....we get a babysitter...and voila we are the cute couple out on a date. Sometimes it's to a nice restaurant where macaroni and cheese is not on the menu and they don't hand out crayons when you walk in. However, there are times that going out is just not in the budget or somehow time constraints gets the better of us...but even if it means watching a favorite show in bed together or sharing cups of tea and reading books on the couch by the fireplace...we take the time to have a date night just to spend time with each other.
Not to mention that our oldest daughter Sophia begs us to go out on a date almost weekly, she loves to have that time with a babysitter. She loves the attention, movie and popcorn, treats, games, entertainment....she is in "Yes, my parents are out and I am lovin' life" heaven! We think it is rather odd (maybe perhaps I didn't really care for my babysitters growing up), but we are not complaining and we are thrilled that she is having a wonderful time too!

All this to say..... I had butterflies in my stomach tonight! Awww, yes, was a date night. I worked hard all day to get the house clean to impress our babysitter--- all to enjoy the immense bliss of a romantic evening with my husband!
I am sure many of you are wanting to know the fanfare news of what we did. After all this hype, it must be something extremely outrageously exciting.
Hmmm, well not exactly.
But, nonetheless, I had a great time. The time together was needed...not the genius world record of the Best Date Evah!
No...we just went out to Thai food at our favorite hole in the wall Thai Cafe Restaurant(No Mac & Cheese)! We had fun each choosing a different item off of the "Special" Menu and sharing each other's choices. Then it was off to Barnes and Nobles where we felt like college students again....except the part where we cruised through the children's section to point out books we wanted to read to the girls. "Oh, Lydia would love this puppy book"
"Oh, I want to read Little Women to Sophia...she would love it"
However, we were inspired by the home decorating books, the books on owning your own small business, how-to books, etc. And, of course, I could not resist to buy something ( I had a gift certificate from my birthday.) I found a small leather bound Bible. It is so pretty! I am so happy with my little purchase. It will fit perfect inside my carry with me everywhere!
Ah, yes we did have some Starbucks just cannot pass up coffee when you are present at Barnes & Nobles. It would be a faux pa to not!
Well, now I am home snuggled into some pajamas and have the fireplace lit. The babysitter has left the building...and the kids are laying all snug in their beds while visions of sugarplums dance in their heads...and Ric? My date night partner? Well, he went to bed too. The perfect ending to a romantic night, eh? Well, reality checked in the doorway when we stepped into the premises of our home....we are parents. We are tired parents. So, duty calls Ric to sleep....
However ME, on the other hand....I am still calming down butterflies (actually, trying to pass away time from my caffeine high---Darn Starbucks coffee!) from a wonderful "date night"!

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