Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lazy Dayz

Lazy Dayz!
Some days are meant to be just that! Lazy! We have a song in our home when we have been in our pajamas all day long. "The Pajama Bum" Song. Yes, I will admit it, we have had several times where we have had such days that we have even came up with a song! How quaint! the house is a wreck. I am wearing half pajamas, half yesterday's clothes, with remnants of makeup smeared under my eyes, my hair is piled up (knots and all) on the top of my head---looking rather moppish. I have about 10 piles of laundry ready to be boosted in either the washer, dryer, or closet....but, they remain untouched. Christmas decor still permeates well as the girls Christmas toys....little People, musical toys, play dishes, dress up clothes scattered, babies nesting in Sophia's little hand made beds. (Positive note, the toys are being used!) The "One Eyed Brain Sucker" is blaring with DORA and my girls are still in their jammies. But, they are contently playing. Sophia with her babies and Lydia reading her books. We had bananas and cookies for breakfast. Nutritious I know, I know. I did give them some Soy milk in their cups!?? I at least gave them something to eat, right?
So, as you can see nothing much has been accomplished on my TO DO list. But, right now after finishing sipping my tea and checking emails, the girls and I may watch a movie, read some books, play some games, do whatever we want and not do much but just be LAZY!
Gotta love Lazy Dayz! Sometimes they are just needed and meant to be. And, for any of those control freaks who could not understand Lazy Dayz nonsense....I feel for you...I truly do. You are missing out on one of life's true divine experiences.
Now....ask me tomorrow how I feel? I am sure I will be stressed with a wreck of a house and overwhelmed because I did not get anything done that I should have. But, then I will be reminded of the bliss of spending laziness with my girls and remember it is okay to have those dayz...just pick up and move on....and just look forward to my next Lazy Dayz!

PS > I am sure some of you are just dying to see a pic of this scenario....messy house, messy me! LOL! No way Jose---I wouldn't grant you that pleasure. This is a sight left for thou imagination and a sight meant for me to savour on my own. Now....time to go be Lazy!

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