Monday, November 13, 2006

Special Sophia Moments

I thought I would share some special moments about Sophia that occurred these past few days...too cute! Enjoy!

I went to a Women's Retreat this weekend with my was refreshingly awesome. At the retreat, there were several moments where as a group of women, we just shouted out praises to the Lord, i.e. "God you are wonderful" "Holy" "Master" "Creator" "Star of the Morning" "You are Peace" "You are Giver of Joy", etc. It was truly a remarkable time of just giving praise to Him.
When I had arrived home and it was bedtime for Sophia, I led out bedtime prayer time with praises to the Lord (just like I had done at the retreat). Sophia caught on quickly and it was truly a special moment:
Me: "Lord, you are Holy. You are Awesome. You are Good"
Sophia "Jesus, I love you. Jesus you are good. Jesus..."
Me: "Glory to Your Name, You are Wonderful, You are Sovereign"
Sophia: "Jesus you are Handsome!"
Me: Pause & Smile "Yes, Jesus You are Handsome!"

A giggle inside of me wanted to burst at that point. Oh what sweetness from Sophia!

Here is a pic of Ric teaching Sophia the art of the game of Chess. This is no ordinary Chess is PEANUTS Chess game. Sophia is the RED Charlie Brown team and Ric is the BLUE Charlie Brown team. And to start the game, Ric put on some PEANUTS Charlie Brown Music to play in the "background"!
I was quite impressed with Sophia (4 years old) competitively playing this game. She was really into it! Though, she has a little sore losing streak like her Mama and does not want to lose any of her pieces, it is a good learning experience for her. She is learning directions (diagonal, straight, backwards, forwards).
Sophia: "I am going to move the Queen(Lucy) to the King (Charlie), so they can love each other"
Sophia: "Don't kill my Snoopy!"
Ric: "Good Move, well, uh, put me in CHECK"
Sophia: "My Sally is blocking her? My Sally is protecting her, huh?"
Sophia: "Oooo, When I get closer to that square. I am going to KILL your Snoopy! When I get closer and closer and closer!"
Sophia w/ teary eyes: "I don't want you to get my Sally!"

Then it got even better when Sophia wanted to use "voices" and "Sound Effects" for the Chess characters. I think she was at the point where she to add a little more creative four year old zest to the game. Ric complied. They were both off again playing the game of Chess with the characters "speaking".
"Let's get back into our teams!"

Sophia QUOTE:

"Mommy, I will still read my Bible even when I am an adult so I don't shrink! This is what they taught me at Preschool"

Sophia belts out in song: "Read my Bible, pray everyday. Pray everyday. Read my Bible Pray everyday and then I grow...grow...Grow...GROW...GROW!
Don't Read my Bible. Don't pray everyday. Don't read my Bible, don't pray everyday and then I SHRINK....SHrink....Shrink...shrink...shrink."

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