Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vacaciones de México

Day One: Tuesday Oct. 3rd (Travel Day)

We loaded up the car this morning and then headed off to the Sacramento Airport. Our flight leaves at 12:30 PM, so we left at 8:00am to get there in time for check through, etc.
Sophia was very excited about flying again in the airplane. She had just been to Arizona on an airplane flight a few weeks earlier with her Grandma. Of course, right when we arrive at the airport she yells out "Mommy, look there is Southwest" She recognized the airline of which she flew with Grandma. I told her we were on a different airline: Continental! "Well, does it have matching pictures on it?" I was kind of confused at that question, but soon realized that she was wondering if all Continental planes have matching colors, pics, etc. on their tail wing. So, yes they do....and now for the whole trip she new what symbol/colors were for Continental airline. By the way she said Continental with perfect pronunciation. It was very cute! She also told us about the whole procedure for taking a bus from the parking area to the airplane, etc. She was such a "professional" flyer. Oh, what excitement!
At the airport we had a few little they wanted to charge us 10% of our ticket for Lydia to fly....while we convinced them that she is a lap child and the whole ticket was not "international"....too confusing to explain. But, they ended up just charging her taxes (25 dollars). Well, after that ordeal, they informed us that our check-in bag (we only brought one) was overweight. They just changed the bag weight limit from 70lbs to 50lbs per bag last month.
"Do you have another bag to put some of the stuff in?"
"Ummm, no!" (Do you honestly, think we bring another bag with us for this reason??? We brought one bag to make things easier for travel)
"What about a box? Would you like a box?"
"Um. no."
So....we ended up having to pay tax on our overweight luggage. We finally made it to our gate and then did not have to wait too long before boarding.
The flight was nice to Houston and had a small layover there---time for potty break and leg stretchin...etc. before we boarded to Merida, Mexico. We were also able to switch our seats to bulk head seats (a lot more leg room) for the flight. There were not too many on that flight. So, we were very thankful that we had this change. The girls are able to move more freely.
We made it to Mexico and went through immigration and check through....before finally meeting Ruben. There we met Ruben with a big grin....and our faces a sigh of relief to finally be in our destination. We arrived 9:30pm Mexico time. It is about 2 hours ahead of California time. We got into Ruben's mom's Van and took a short drive to their home. It was humid and about 80 degrees out. It was definatley warm! We stayed in Ruben's little room off the side of the home. It was very nice with our own little bathroom. It was a quaint little home and we were glad to get some sleep....
Sophia & Lydia memorizing saftey procedures

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