Monday, October 02, 2006

Hasta la vista , baby!

Merida, Mexico

I am not sure why I am here at my computer....when, I should be packing. Anyhoo, here I am! We are getting ready for Mexico. We are so excited. Am I forgetting something? Oh, yeah, how to speak Spanish. That would be helpful now wouldn't it!? I, unfortunatley for this trip, took French in highschool. I don't think that will be too helpful in a Spanish speaking country. Whenever I am talking to someone that does not speak English, I tend to want to say something in French. Parlez-vous le français ? I know a few words here and there from several different languages. I at least know the important ones! ¿Dónde está el cuarto de baño?
Thankfully, we will be with our friend Ruben (aka Ronky boy---I will explain that one later) and he is from Mexico and will be with, gracias...we won't be completely confused!
Well, I better continue packing. Here is where we are headed too...Merida, Mexico (Our Friend Ruben's hometown) and we will also be heading to the Carribbean to Cancun....I hope to see a Myan Temple along the way. I am very excited to see all the sites! Adiós Amigos.

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