Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vacaciones de México: El día Dos

Day Two (El día Dos): Wednesday Oct. 4th (Happy Birthday Sophia)

Cumpleaños felices Sophia! It is Sophia's birthday celebration in Mexico!!! We sang a morning "Happy Birthday" song to her. She is now 4 years old on the 4th of October.....this moment only comes once in a lifetime!
We awoke to some delicious breakfast made by Senora Dominguez (Ruben's Mommy). We had potato hashbrowns (papas), papaya fruit, refried beans, juice, etc. It tasted so good after a long day of travel.
We then had our little tour of the home and then got ready to depart for some sightseeing of downtown Merida. Ruben took us to downtown square where the Governor's office was and the big Catholic Cathedral and then we stopped into a bookstore so that I could get a little book of spanish/english translation. We stopped by a bank to exchange some money and tried to figure out our cellphones----finally, I was able to call Ric to his cellphone. But, we were unable to connect to Ruben's cellphone....
We ended our little tour of the downtown area with a yummy treat to some helado (ice-cream). It was so refreshing and sweet. We got three different flavors. Ric ordered an ice-cream with corn (maiz) in it....not my favorite. It just is a little weird to have corn kernals in my ice-cream. Sophia and I ordered a "coconut" flavor and that of course was yummy! Ruben ordered an ice-cream that was made out of a native fruit there in mexico....sorry, I can't remember the name....but, it was very sweet and delicious. I think that flavor was my favorite. The ice-cream was more like Sorbet. It was not as creamy as ice-cream in the states. I think it was perfect for the weather there in Mexico. We really liked this treat! :)
After our excursion in downtown, we headed back to the Casa de Dominguez for lunch. Now, lunch is the greatest meal of the day there. It is a lot like Europe. They eat a big lunch and then have a lighter meal for dinner. That makes so much more sense. So, we ate our big lunch prepared by Senora Dominguez. She is so sweet, because they know that we are vegetarian. Senora Dominzuez does not speak English. But, she will speak Spanish slowly and then louder and louder. Ha ha! Just like we Americans do to foreigners also. We speak slow, simple sentences, and when the look of confusion comes over the face of the listener, we start speaking louder, as if that helps for some reason?? Ha ha! However, she did a wonderful job in accomidating to our "eating" situation. She made absolutley delicious things for us the entire time we were there. She got more creative and creative. I was truly amazed. Well, for our lunch for the day today...she had made spaghetti. Not quite the traditional Mexican meal, but it worked and of course, the girls loved it. She had also made other things like beans, guacamole, tortillas, etc.
After our nice lunch, Ric and the girls took a little swim in the Dominguez pool. The weather was suppose to be "stormy" later, so the best time to swim was now. It was still very hot and humid out. I gave up on wearing make-up quickly. And, I definatley did not need lotion for my face. You just end up sweating it all off. The pool was refreshing and fun for the girls. I had forgotten to bring swim diapers for Lydia, so we used regular diapers. And, well if you know anything about diapers, they have little gel beads that soak up water. So pretty soon after being in the water, she had a bubble butt! It was pretty funny looking.
We spent a relaxing afternoon by the pool and took some naps and then we got ready for a dinner out on the town. We went to a nice mexican restaurant. We were able to to sit outside in a beautiful covered area with a stage, bar area, outside. It was very tropical looking. It felt like we were outside in the jungle.
The waiters brought over sombreros for us to wear to take pictures. They were huge. We had fun wearing them for a short bit. We ordered Nachos (which was a fun discussion about how Nachos even came about---we think they are an American food ---made by a Senora in maybe New Mexico area who had a son name Ignacio....ended up naming them after her son "Nacho" (nickname of Ignacio) Well. that is our rendition....I will have to Google it to find the true history of Nacho). Anyhooo...we ate some fajitas, burritos, etc. Sophia had a yummy Limonade drink in a big Margarhita glass. I couldn't resit taking a pic of her with that drink. Ric and Ruben had a Negro beer and Lydia and I enjoyed some filtered water.:) It was a relaxing and eventful day.

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