Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vacaciones de México: El día Siete

Day Seven: Monday Oct. 9th

It was another relaxing day. There was no particular schedule or specific time to do anything or go anywhere. It was nice. We ate a relaxing breakfast and then took a taxi (5 dollars) to the 5th avenue shopping area of Playa De Carmen. We spent most of the morning there doing a little shopping. I finally did find some turquoise for me. I kept looking in the many jewelry shops, but many of them had gaudy big stuff. I wanted simple. I finally found a little turquoise pendant and a silver necklace chain to go with it. It was simple and perfect and not too expensive. It is interesting shopping in Mexico. There are plenty of people that speak English, but then there are many that do not or just speak a little English. When we walk past the little shops most call out to you, because they are trying to get you to come into their shop to buy. However, some of the things they say are just funny. "Hey Lady!"
"Free Parking" (We had a stroller with us)
And, most of them wanted to braid Sophia's hair. This was a popular thing there I suppose. But, we already knew what that experience would be like. Sophia does not have patience to sit and have her hair braided into tiny little braids....and well, neither does Mommy or Papa. We would rather continue shopping or swimming! :)
But, nevertheless, we conquered our shopping spree without too much hassle and then headed back to our Resort for some lunch and swim.
While swimming in the pools we met several people. We met a small German family living in Frankfurt, Germany. They were there for a 2 week vacation. Most people spent about 2 weeks to a month for vacation. The German family had a little boy about 2 years old. He was pretty cute and had some toys to share with our girls in the shallow pool. We only knew a few words in German, but he was appreciative. Lydia know the word "Nine", which means "No" in German. And, it was quite funny to hear her say this. I think she actually uses the German word more than the English word.
We also met a British family from Northern England. Ah, I love to hear them speak. There were two boys and a girl. The girl was about Sophia's age. She only wore bathing suit bottoms. I guess this is what European little girls wear. But, she was nice and Sophia and her liked swimming together. And.....they both spoke the same language. Though, sometimes I think it is hard to understand because of the accent. Ah, but I love to hear them speak. The boys, especially the older one was excited to know that we were from California. He would love to visit there someday! The family has been to Florida, but never to the West Coast. We spent the rest of this day relaxing by the pool and Sea.
We got dressed in our little Mexican outfits for a dinner at the Mexican Restaurant. We thought it would be appropriate to eat there for our last night in Mexico. Unfortunatley, they did not have Horchata there! Bummer! But, Sophia and I did enjoy a Strawberry Daquiri together. The girls were sleepy around this time ---so, it felt like a rushed dinner at the end. But, Ric and I had seen that another couple ordered a Mexican coffee...and we could not resist to order some too with our dessert after the presentation we had observed. The waiter put on a little presentation with our coffee. It had alcohol in it ---which he would burn off with flame. He would pour the liquid back and forth making a streams of fire. It was fun to watch and of course tasted delicious. We decided to go back to the room to put the girls to bed....but, I am not sure what happened, but the girls got a second wind of energy and Papa and Mama were now exhausted. So, the girls played around in the hotel room jumping on the bed, giggling, etc. We decided then that it would be fun to call the grandparents. We used our cellphones and called Mimi and Poppie and then Grandma and Grandpa. Sophia loved talking to them about her trip thus far. She told them about how we traded American money into Pesos....the fun swimming pools....etc. It was a fun little chat and I am sure the grandparents were surprised and thrilled to hear from the granddaughters!:) I think this was a good settling down time and we eventually fell asleep while watching Mexican TV.

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