Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vacaciones de México: El día Seis

Day Six: Sunday Oct. 8th

We all got plenty of rest from our long day yesterday. This day was proposed to be a little lighter and relaxing. We awoke and went to the restaurant for all inclusive breakfast. There was a buffet of all sort of fruits, yogurts, cereals, etc. And, then we could also order from the menu. It was nice to look out the big windows of the restaurant onto the bright beautiful blue Carribbean Sea. The storm had broke and it was clear outside!
After breakfast, I took the girls back to room to get them changed into their bathing suits. Ric and Ruben went over to the Game Hut and played a little Ping Pong! This is one of Ric's favorite games. The girls loved playing in the sand puddles outside our cottage. Sophia was making "cookies" with her sand. Lydia was making, well, just plain sand mess.....maybe soup? I just let them have at it. I figured we were going to go swim in the ocean in a bit and most of the sand would come off then. Of course right when I thought that, Lydia decided to put a big goop of sand right onto her little head. Big grins from that girl! And, then big sister Sophia had to follow, now both girls had heads full of sand! Bummer, I did not have my camera at that moment.
We went over to the Game Hut and met Ruben and Ric there in an intense game of Pong! The girls desperatley wanted to get in on the action. They take after there Papa----the love the game too! Lydia loves "balls" ---so, she was mainly interested in holding the ball. She can say that word too. "Ball, ball, ball!"
The big boys let the little girls play some Pong with them. They had a good time! We stopped the boys game at 2/2 and decided it was time to take the girls for a dip in the Carribbean Sea. So, we all went to the Sea for a swim! Awesome----"Wow, here I am in the Carriiiiiiibbbbbeean!!" It was beautiful and easy to walk out into. Sophia practiced her swimming. I am so glad she had swimming lessons before we came to Mexico. She used to be afraid of the water, but after swim lessons, she is not afraid. It makes it so much easier to enjoy our swim when we don't have a fearful child. Lydia is still at the age of no fear. However, she started to do the whole "I don't want mommy to be out of my site or me out of her arms stage" while we were in Mexico. I don't blame her. We were in unfamiliar territory after all.
Ruben made our swim even more enjoyable. He showed us how the Mayans have different uses for the sand. He went under the water came up with a pile of goopy wet sand in his hands and then proceeded to tell us how the Mayans used this sand to make their teeth white! He put the pile of goopy sand into his mouth and "brushed" his teeth! Of course, all of our eyes just opened wide in surprise and then we all burst into laughter. He then showed the girls that the sand was a good face cleanser too! Haa haa! It was a good laugh and I doubt that this was a true tale of Mayan culture ---but, you never know!
We took showers and cleansed off all the sand as best we could got all of our belongings and checked out of our resort. Ruben had planned to go back to Merida today as he had business to take care of Monday morning early. We were going to be staying at another resort in Playa De Carmen for the remainder of our time. So, this would be our goodbyes to Ruben.
As we were leaving, Ruben's brother and friend came driving up to resort. We only said "Hello" from the car, as they did not get out. They were going to be taking Ruben's truck to use while they were in Cancun and then Ruben would be driving back with his cousins. He was glad about that as he did not have to drive the full 4 hours back to Merida by himself.
Ruben proceeded to take us to our new resort. This resort was amazing. It was a 5-star all-inclusive resort. It was called SANDOS.
We were so blessed to be able to stay at this resort for the discounted Mexican price. Ruben's parents paid the price for us to stay there and got the discount and we then would pay them. It was exciting to stay at such a nice place. I had never been to a big resort before. Ric, kept mentioning it was like what you would see in the movies or on TV....."I can't believe we are really here!"
Ruben helped us check-in---we had to get special wristbands and then we had to wait at least an hour before we could go to our room. That was fine, because we go into the resort and look around and enjoy some lunch from any of the 4 restaurants.
We had to say goodbye to Ruben before we set off into the resort. We were sad to say goodbye. He had made our vacation ubelievable! We were so thankful to all that he had done to make this time tremendously wonderful for our family. We had a great time with him.
Now, we were set to spend sometime together just as a family at the resort. It was a perfect ending to a trip.
After our goodbyes, we went to the Mediterranean Restaurant to eat some lunch. It was buffet---similar to the buffets in Las Vegas---only this was underneath a hut in the Carribbean.
We were able to check into our room after lunch and relax a little bit. Right when we arrived in our room, Sophia made herself right at home. She unpacked her little DORA bag that she had brought and proceeded to put things into drawers --making little beds for her ponies--- placing books into the drawers as well. She also started to make "lists" with the hotel paper and pen. These were her important papers! :)
We were all tired and decided to take a little nap. But, soon after our nap, we took a swim in the Sea again and the pool area. We ate at the Italian Restaurant for dinner. It was pretty decent. I had ordered some pizza---tasted fairly good, but nothing like the pizza in Italy.
We pretty much did the same thing all day it seemed....Eat, nap, swim! What a vacation!

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