Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vacaciones de México: El día Ocho

Our Family in the Carribbean Sea of Playa De Carmen, Mexico

Day Eight: Tuesday Oct. 10th

Our final day here in Mexico. It is a little bittersweet. We don't want to leave this paradise, but we are ready to be back to our home. I think the amount of time spent here in Mexico was perfect. We could use a few more days to shop and swim, but I think the time we did have here was so memorable and enjoyable. Sophia is a little sad....she says "I'm going to miss Mexico"
We relaxed this morning----we went to breakfast at the Buffet and enjoyed some coffee, hotcakes, fruit, potatoes, juice, etc.
Papa and Sophia went swimming for the last time while Lydia napped and I packed all our things for the travel home. I was hoping that Lydia might wake-up for a little bit so that we could swim a little too, but she was passed out. She was a tired-out little bug!
We had our bags stored at the bellboy station while we checked out and had some lunch before we left in our taxi cab ride to the airport (a 40 minute drive).
After lunch---Lydia ate a whole plate of pasta---we met our taxi driver, which was actually more like a car. The hotel reserved us a private transport to the hotel...instead of the regular taxi cab. We were on our way to the Aeropuerto de Cancun for our 5:25pm flight to the USA.
We arrive rather early to make sure we got our luggage checked-in, etc. We arrived at the gate about an 1 1/2 hours before departure. About 30 minutes later we noticed a delay in our flight. It was not a slight delay it was 2 hour delay. Ugh! After realizing that not only did our plane delay, but it was also changed to another gate, our plane was again delayed another hour on-top of the 2 hour delay. Yikes! Ric called Continental airlines and we were unable to go to another airline for an earlier flight and found out that we would most likely miss our 8:55pm connecting flight from Houston to Sacramento. Apparently there was terrible weather in Houston, Texas.
After finally boarding our flight we arrived in Houston ---our connecting flight had already left and that was the last flight of the evening to Sacramento. We were then re-booked for a flight to Sacramento leaving the next day at 8:55pm ---24 hours. That would be a long time to wait. Apparently all other flights were previously booked. However, we could arrive early in the morning (7am) and wait on stand-by for a 9:25am departure. So, that is what we did. We checked into our hotel and finally fell asleep around 1:00am and then awoke at 6am to catch the shuttle to the Houston airport. Re-checked our bags and the nice attendant gave us meal vouchers. There was a Starbucks Coffee near our gate! Yes! Just what my body needed! We used our vouchers to order some coffee, hot chocolate, juice, and scones for our breakfast. We had about 2 hours before the 9:25 departure. I had been on stand-by before, but not with a whole family. I was a little nervous as I really had hoped that we would be able to make this flight. I did not want to stay all day at the airport with two little girls. The next available flight was at 5:25pm---which we would still be considered as stand-by. And, if we did not make that flight, we would be guaranteed a spot on the 8:55pm flight. That would over 12 hours in the airport. So, as you can imagine, I was praying fervently! Lord, please get us on this morning flight.
We waited and waited. Made sure that the flight attendants knew we were there! Kept checking in to see if any possibilities... The plane began to board....we waited....prayed....then finally, they called our names! We had tickets to board! Praise God! We were thrilled! Of course, we may not have seats next to each other in these cases of stand-by tickets, but it didn't matter to us as we just were happy to be heading home and not have to stay 12 hours in the Houston airport any longer. But, another BIG praise to God....we had been given 3 seats all next to each other! Perfect! And, another praise.....Lydia slept the entire flight home to Sacramento!
We have finally made it home to our world. We are very exhausted and are in due shape of some good rest and showers!
What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful family vacation. It seems to be all a dream....but, a fantastic dream at that. We are so blessed to have been able to step into Ruben's world for a little bit and experience Mexico. This will be a vacation to remember.
Los pies de Familia han dado un paso en arenas mexicanas. Un lugar hermoso ser.
(The Family's feet have stepped into Mexican sands. A beautiful place to be.)
Our Family had stepped foot into Mexico sands!

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