Thursday, October 12, 2006

John Scofield and Mavis Staples

It was about two months ago when Ric sent me an email notifying me about the concert of John Scofield and legendary Mavis Staples. We have several of Mavis Staples albums and Ric was very excited that she would be performing live here in Redding. So, of course, after reading his email, I called the Cascade Theater and got our tickets; fourth row in the middle. I really wanted to try and make it a surprise, but I was too excited about the tickets that I just ended up telling him about 30 minutes after I ordered the tickets. I didn't even have a nifty way of spilling the news....I just blurted out, "We are going to the concert"....He was still pretty ecstatic about going, so surprise or no surprise, he was very excited we were going.
Well, tonight was the concert. After getting our children settled with the babysitter, we were off for a nice dinner and then concert. Our review?? Well, the dinner was nice, wine was delicate and refreshing.....
Oh, the music? AWESOME! They did a tribute to Ray Charles.
John Scofield and his band will share the stage with soul and gospel star Mavis Staples as they perform the music of the legendary Ray Charles. Together, these two musical giants will share the spotlight to create a night of unforgettable music.

The concert was unbelievable and unforgettable.

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