Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sophia's Song

Sophia has inherited the wonderful trait, from my side of the family, of making every life situation a song. Yes, everything she is doing has to consist in melodic improvisations. Storytelling with song is what she loves to is joyful and entertaining most of the time. Hence, I said most of the time. It is at the times when you are trying to leave for an appointment that you are currently late and Sophia stops to sing her opera while getting into her carseat. She is in the 5th movement of the song...the important part....the 3rd chorus...the most note worthy (pun intended)....and well, I am shrieking noise, not music, to get her seated and buckled up...we have got to go. Oh, my little darling just continues along with her little song and slowly, but eventually gets to where she belongs and I am finally able to get where I should be 10 minutes ago......and the song continues. The same tune of this almost everyday occurance, is well...on-going. But, I quickly learn to just sing along and join in with the song....instead of interrupting with a gong of noise, I have decided to sing right along and with a boom, boom, boom, and a la, la,, re, me....we are up in the seat. A much more enjoyable experience.

So, today I thought I would share one of her recent "songs". It would of course have such a better effect if you could actually hear her sweet little voice, but I haven't quite figured out how to display that on-line yet. So, without further ado.....may I little songbird.....

"I'm on my Tippy Toes" by Sophia
When I'm on my Tippy-toes, my tippy-toes---I am higher and higher and higgggggg--er! I am high on my stool when I am on my tippy-toes. Tip, tip, tippy-toes!


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