Monday, September 11, 2006


Ric and I started watching the special on ABC about the tragic event on Sept. 11th. Eventhough, it was a drama, there were many facts to the story and I was deeply moved by it. Tonight, we will watch the rest of the two part series. Everytime I am reminded of the Twin towers, I always get a little deep knot in my stomach and my heart just aches.
Now today is the anniversary day of Sept. 11th and as we walked outside to send off Papa (Ric) to work we were greeted with two helicopters in the sky dragging the American flag behind them. It was such a wonderful sight and feeling. Sophia was very excited and so amazed at the sight. In her amazement, she asks, " Why do they have the American flag hanging on their copter?" Our answer? Wow, that was a tough one. Ric did not have time to discuss it with her, so we told her that we would explain tonight. So, now I am thinking how do I explain this event to her....I am sure God will give me the words.
A strange little sidenote---I had a box of books that I brought in from our garage and Sophia found a book in there that talked about the biggest things, tallest things, etc. And, of course, the book asked "Do you know the tallest building?" It of course gave the answer as The Sears Tower and as we turned the page it also told of the World Trade Towers as the second largest. Well, obviously not anymore. (All things of this world will pass away----but God is Alpha & Omega)
So as I reminesce about this day, I think about where I was on that actual day...getting in my truck, listening to the radio, on my way to teach my class of second grade students. As to say, we did not do anything on my lesson plans that day. The world was turned upside down with the devastation and I had "explain" to them why this happened---I was teaching in a public school---but, the little minds of second grade students is amazing. They got it! And praise God there were some believers among the children and brought up the conversation about God and Heaven. So, as to say I spent most of that day listening, sorting through emotions, and just being. Sometimes just "being" is the best and soothing thing we can do for one another. Isn't that what God does for us as believers all the time. As believers it is comforting to know that we have Jesus with us all the time to go through those times of suffering and pain. I could not imagine being apart from Him.
Well, I want to leave you with a link to a beautiful "tribute" to the 9/11 event. I love the powerful words of Scripture used in the little slideshow presentation. God is Sovereign. Amen? Amen!

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  1. Very nice - I enjoy your thoughts, and they are so true. This was a day for remembering.


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