Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No Sleeping in Heaven

It had been a busy week....hence, the pause in my blog. As I am now recovering from the week, I have time to write about a special moment involving a consversation between me and my 3 year old daughter Sophia. First, let me give you a little background leading up to the "special moment".
Sophia has been asking questions about God, Heaven, Hell, the Devil, life after death, etc. for about the past couple of months---mainly since our neighbor's Grandma passed away in June. It is very special to share in these conversations with her as I love to tell her about life with Jesus. I love her eagerness to know more and more and more about God and Jesus. She loves to ask questions as any child her age loves to do. She dreams aloud what she thinks heaven might be like and so the fantasy begins. But, of course a 3 year old's mind is imaginative and has a hard time distinquishing between fantasy and reality....hmmm come to think of it so do many adults....including me. Ha!
After coming to realize that Heaven is such a wonderful place, she has decided that she is not going to sleep there. She does not like to sleep or go to bed. "Mommy, I don't like sleeping." is the usual statement everytime before bed. So, she made up in her mind that she won't have to sleep in heaven, because God wouldn't make her do things she doesn't like to do there. Heaven is a happy, joyous, peaceful place and Sophia is happy when she does not have to sleep.

Well, to make this long story longer....I am never one to keep things short, except for my 5'2" stature.
Sophia had witnessed a death firsthand. The death of a cute little blue beta fish. We had a fundraiser for her preschool and it turned out that there was too much water in the vase (there was a plant on top)....somehow, the fish didn't make it. These were centerpieces designed by my neighbor and I. They were to be sold for at least 20 dollars each. Thankfully, only 2 fishes went belly up and the rest of the vases sold.
Sophia wanted to know why he died, of which I explained. And, our conversation continued as follows:
Sophia: "Why are you taking him out of the vase?"
Me: "Because he died."
Sophia: "But, I want a fish"
Me: "We can buy another fish"
Sophia: "They're only 4 bucks, huh mama?" (She overheard me talking about it with another lady)
Me: "Yes, we can get another one someday"
Sophia: "Why are you flushing him down the toilet?"
Me: "Because he died, Bye bye fishy"
Sophia: (Still confused about the matter) "Bye bye fishy, Will he go to heaven?"
Me: "I assume so"
Sophia: "Well, at least he does not have to sleep there."

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