Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Little Vaccuum

My little vaccuum helps me out a lot by cleaning my kitchen floors...she is no ordinary vaccuum cleaner....she is my youngest daughter, Lydia. I am not sure why the food on the floor is more appetizing than that which is on her highchair tray, since it is usually the same thing, however, she would rather just munch on the lunch at her feet. Now, she does pretty well sitting in her highchair, but her limit for sitting and eating is not long. She would rather get down and roam. There are important things to do---like climb on top of the bookshelves, pull out all the dishes out of the drawer, or eat off the floor....for she is the little vaccuum after all!
My clever husband thought out loud while watching the little vaccuum eating crumbs off the floor while I was cooking, "We should just let her eat of the floor during all meals....she eats much better there anyway." Knowing that he is not serious but rather sarcastic to the situation, I think to myself, hey not a bad idea Babe (my term of endearment for my hubby). We could just place a little pile on the floor by her chair and let her just enjoy. It would be kind of like a picnic. Picnics are fun. But, then I think a little more long term and imagine her in 20 years on a date (yes, we won't allow our girls to date until there 20, joking). There she is in a romantic setting, or subway, wherever...she could order her meal and then next thing you know, her date is raising his eyebrows in wonderment ---what is going on with this chic? Lydia takes her food to the floor instead of the dining table. Hmmmm....that just might not go too well.
So, I think I will continue to place my sweet, impatient, pea into her seat at the table....and begin the process of "manners" . And, hey, I still might let her eat the crumbs off the floor....I am teaching her how to have a clean house too, right? My little vaccuum cleaner sure does help me out with the cleaning. Sorry, you can't order another little vaccuum like her on-line. She is one-of-a-kind and priceless!

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