Thursday, March 01, 2012


I should let you know that I have been to the "drawing" board several times this past week with a blog post - only to be interrupted by --

-- slow, stubborn computer connections. sigh,  a never ending saga.

-- a certain sweet almost 2 year old toddler that is demanding my attention more often lately with her constant "Mama, Mama" whine and her curious "let-get-into-everything-that-I shouldn't-because-it-is-soooo-interesting"

-- a 6 year old "teenager" who has seriously worn out my patience thread with her "Whatever, I am gonna do whatevah I am gonna do" attitude (and what she really needs is just a long hug)

-- a 9 year old who is really deepening her understanding of who she is in Christ and the friends that surround her - and directing her sweet sensitive spirit in the direction of letting her "light shine" no matter where she may be... oh, and puberty is right around the corner - and honestly, that just scares me!!  But, that is for another day....

-- a 4 year old who has been "willy twying hard" at her listening skills, but takes several reminders, over and over and over - just to do a simple task of put  shoes on the shoe rack, my dear little daughter. Oh, but does she love to cuddle... she knows when I really need to stop and just hold her.

-- a dog who has eaten 3 full toilet paper rolls, 1/2 box of crayons, a loaf of garlic bread, my daughter's pee panties (I know, eeewww gross), a whole pack of graham crackers, some odd ball toys -- ALL in the time  frame of two days.  I have no sympathy for her.

-- a husband whose head is about to explode with aches and pains (thank you Thera flu) and who desperately needs a few days to be home, put his feet up, and watch a few tech shows, or just cuddle with his wife. :)


In general -  my list of activities and laundry pile grows.  I am not one day behind, but rather a year behind.... but, not only does the dishes seem to appear right after I just cleaned them, but God has been drawing me into HIS presence, more and more deeply. 
He shows up.  He interrupts.
But, unlike the dishes that are always there or the never ending laundry pile,  He fills me with joy.  He sustains me through each moment of my day.... by HIS strength I can endure "LIFE" as I am experiencing right now.

It is not about me.  It is not about what I have or don't have, what I do or not do.

It is about them... about being a light to my family.  Loving them, being Christ to them.

So, this may not be the intentional blog post I had intended to write -- it is what it is.... a snippet of our lives at the moment -- and how easily I can be interrupted.  And,  to be honest,  I am blessed by all these great people in my life.... they continually stretch, challenge, and bless me on a daily basis.   

These interruptions are what mold me.   I need the interruptions.

God knows I need them.  He meets me right where I am, this season we are in... interrupted.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. ~ Romans 8:28

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  1. I so needed to read this tonight. Thank you for being real. I love you!


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