Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Words of Grace, Words of Life

 I thought to start this off with a snippet from Monday Musings --- 
I was moved in my heart last week as God spoke so clearly to me about "Gracing My Daughter with Encouraging Words".  How often do we spew out negative comments to our children out of frustration, lack of time, or without being aware we are doing so?   We can speak so easily negative words and yet forget to speak words that are postiive and encouraging to our children.
I was convicted that I need to be speaking words of life into my children.  Thankfully, God really prompted this in my heart in a way that was positive. Sometimes God can knock us on our knees with hard deserved, yet loving discipline, but sometimes God just gently nudges us with love......

This part of Monday Musings was a little bit about how God has been moving in my heart -- correcting it , refining it, and molding it to be a heart that speaks love to my children.  I wanted to share with you more deeply about this wrenching of my soul. 

Thank you God for refining me.
First of all, I am not a bad mother (and I know that you are not either)....We are sinners and many times we lose our tempers, our emotions can be easily aggrivated.  How easily Satan traps us into thinking we are awful mothers at times.  The enemy would try so hard to pull us into a state of depression or lack of self worth as a mother. I rebuke those thoughts.  I hold onto HIS Grace and Joy.
As mothers we are a work in progress and oh, how we need Jesus daily to work on our heart attitude and our actions and speech. 
God speak to us.  Guide us as Mamas to our precious jewels.
I have been reading in Sally Clarkson's book "The Ministry of Motherhood" -- (one of the means where God has been speaking)

"Encouraging and affirming words -- words of life, as I like to call them -- have the power to give hope, to strengthen others to keep growing in righteousness.  And if I, a grown woman, need them to keep me going through hard times, my children need them even more.  Positive words act as water and sunshine to our souls to help them grow strong..... Words matter! They have the power mysteriously to enter our hearts and minds and lift us beyond the presence of God himself. How important it is, then, that we mothers, shepherds of our children's lives and hearts, choose our words to them carefully.  We must deliberately aim our words at their hearts in such a way as to give our children hope, faith, strength, and also to point them toward the redeeming love of Christ." 

I have thought more about this -- It is an act of my will to speak "positively" towards my kids in situations where I feel defeated -- attempting not to nag, criticize,  or reprimand out of anger or frustration.  But, rather in those moments of correction that I would do so  with words of encouragement and affirmation.  It seems that it is easier said than done in the heat of the moment -- But, I find that my daily prayer is that God would speak to me in that moment and give me clarity and words to say to my children. 

Words of grace.

Words of mercy.

Words of forgiveness.

Words of love.

I look to Christ as my example of how HE dealt with his disciples.   He was always in a place of speaking LOVE -- even in those times of correction.

I love where Sally shares that Positive words act as water and sunshine to our souls to help them grow strong..
Do you have a picture in your mind when you think about that?
I do. Something like this ---
I am reminded that Jesus is our Living Water ---  He is also our LIGHT.   He is the One who nourishes our soul with the Living Word -water everlasting and He is LIGHT unto our path.  

The positive words we speak can be so warming to our children's hearts -- it can nourish them with love and acceptance.  With these words they know:

Mommy you do love me

Mommy you do care about me

I am valuable

I am precious

I am important

CHALLENGE -- This week, Mommies -- let's work on gracing our children with words that allow them to feel affirmed and validated.  Just bless them with words of encouragement at surprising moments-- not just times of reprimand --but random times where it is unexpected.   Let them know how special they are to you.  

This is my challenge this week for myself  and for you too. 
Breathe words of life.

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