Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be Still - what is on your plate?

It has been a crazy month for our home -- especially for the Mama!   I feel as if my brain was captured and I have been slowly getting it back.   One of the things that I have learned after reflecting over the past month -- was BUZYNESS.

I was asked to share my testimony at a women's luncheon event -- where I sing with a all women worship team (compiled of about 12 women from 8 different churches).   As I was preparing for this testimony,  God just really tugged on my heart.... and showed me some areas where I needed to work through -- sit still too -- repent and let go.

I wanted to share with you with some of that testimony with you.    I am being rather vulnerable here - but, I think God would have me share with you -- in hopes that these words might reflect in your heart too.  Maybe you can relate as a mom and wife?  Maybe God is tugging at your heart as well -- and this is for you.

I will post it in 2 parts.   Be blessed.  Be encouraged.  Be still.

Part 1:

Good Morning to the Daughters of The Most High King!

My name is  BELLA and I have the pleasure of sharing a piece of my heart today with you.

I will for warn you that I am not a SPEAKER by any means.  So, I wrote out my “notes” to help me share with you the words God has given for you today.

When asked to share a “testimony” this morning... I agreed and tucked that “duty” away in my brain for weeks.   I knew I was to share something -- but, to share a testimony from the past 36 years of my life was daunting, and just didn’t have the time to think about it.

So... weeks flew by fast for me and  here I am sitting on my bed LAST NIGHT- sometimes literally on my knees asking the Lord what I am suppose to share.
His words grew stronger and stronger in my mind:

“Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”
(Psalm 46:10 ESV)

The words “be still” mean literally to let go, to let drop, to relax, and to be quiet. For most of us stillness, silence, and serenity are difficult to find. Even when we are able to find it externally, it can still be difficult to cultivate stillness internally.

Life is busy! It is not only tough to be still, but it is tough to make the time to be still.  I am a mother to four girls, whom I call my Lil’ Daisies.  I even have a blog where I write about our adventures.

Sophia ( 9yrs) - a caring and loving spirit.  A sweet compassionate girl.  She loves to read, sing, dance, write. She could have a future in film someday being a writer and director and choreographer.  Being the firstborn daughter, she knows how to be an overwhelming "Mama" to her younger sisters and direct them in home plays, imaginary play, school, house, dance routines.   But, her "bossy-ness" leadership qualities are over powered by her sweet love and compassion that she pours out onto her sisters and others.  She loves. She gives. She desires to please. She desires to serve and praise Jesus. She is passionate about Jesus and continually loves to worship and sing to the Lord.  Her prayers and song blesses my heart.

Lydia (6 yrs) - a strong-willed, determined, fun-loving spirit.  She is an athlete. She learned to ride her bike at the turn of 4 years old without training wheels.  She is daring and adventurous. (In her life-time, I have called poision control 3x). From day one of her life - she took off.  She took off running. I can't keep up with her pace at times. (She walked @ 10 months).  In fact,  she skips where-ever she goes.  I love this about her. Why can't we skip all the time? To me it displays joy in her heart. She will call herself a "tom-boy"  but insists on wearing skirts & dresses.  She is a talented little artist. She sings so high (an on-pitch) that the birds come calling to her sweet melodies.  She loves to paint, draw (unfortunately, on everything). Her pictures mark my fridge with her creativity.  Her determined personality is counteracted with her sweet fun nature. She is FUN! I guess - like the skipping wherever she goes - she is just fun! She loves animals. LOVES animals.  Her sweet gentle nature towards animals is just touching. Sometimes I wonder how the temper-tantrum, screaming-because-I-didn't-get-my-way girl displays such love for her dog and animals.  She is truly gentle and loving.

Rosalia “Rosi” (4 years)  is a sweet, funny spirit.  She is by far my cuddly girl.  She wants "uppy" a lot and loves to  just let me hold her and sing her to sleep.  We can cuddle and giggle for long moments of time.  My heart warms when she puts her chubby little hands on my face and puts her nose to mine and grins saying, "I love you Mama!"  She enjoys being in the kitchen helping. I think she has claimed the stool in the kitchen as hers...because she is up there a lot.  She likes to be the taste tester and super stir girl.  She is funny.   I never knew a little one could bring so much laughter to my day.  She is truly funny - but, sweet at the same time.  Sometimes it is very hard to discipline when cute little articulated words come out of her mouth.

Audria (18m) a gentle spirit.  She has been, by far, my easy baby.  I would have 20 babies if all my babies were so good.  She hardly cries and breaks out the beautiful heart warming smiles constantly.  Currently she taken on the adventure of walking everywhere and taking out everything in the cupboards.  Curiosity is her life right now.  And, so are purses and shoes....  oh, my kind of gal!! She likes to get a purse, play phone, and shoes from the shoe rack and walk around.   

Our family is full of adventure, drama, tule, dolls, tea-cups, nail polish, dance and song!
All different personalities, all unique, different interests, different challenges, different schedules, strong wills, messy, disorganized, toys scattered, laundry piled, dishes stacked high, school, dance, guitar, awanas,  the list goes on...

I am sure you can catch a small glimpse of  our family life calendar just from knowing a little bit about my FOUR girls!

I know you are thinking - “She has her hands full!!”


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  1. Very good description of your girls. I can't wait to read the rest of the story.....


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