Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Musings

I am enjoying a 2 hour window of time in between planes.  I got myself a yummy fish tacos with beans & rice for dinner - but, I am full.  I am thinking about asking them for a bag, because I can't eat it all....and I just hate to waste food that was really expensive.  Airport food is always expensive -- oh, I cringe.   But, I was thankful that it was a generous portion for what I had to pay.   I think it is worse when you pay a fortune for 3 bites worth of a meal.  THAT is just ridiculous.

I miss my babies.   I will get to sneak in a kiss on their cheeks quite soon.  It seems that it gets harder and harder to leave them whenever I have to opportunity to "get away"... I thought it was suppose to be easier.
But, I miss them. And, ironically I have even missed the little tantrums. Weird, huh?
This week, I hope to shower them with love, snuggles, songs, and conversations.  I just plan to soak them up this week.  I love my girls!

Nothing particularly crafty going to happen this week.  I am hoping to continue in my quest for organizing and decluttering my home.  I have lots of projects that I am working through - and I have been gone for a week and ready to be back home...though, I am not looking forward to unpacking/ washing, etc.  Ha ha.  So, for this week I don't have much to say on making anything creative.

So... I thought now would be a good time to plan my menu for the week. However, I am thinking this will be a challenge as I am not home to see what I have in my pantry, fridge, freezer, etc.  To be honest, I am not sure if my plan will work or not, but at least I have something "written" down to go by...and I am planning to have easy meals, that would be inexpensive to buy if I need to do so....and when I get home I can check through my pantry, etc. and adjust my meal plan.

MONDAY:  Kids are having corn dogs & tater tots with the Nanny.  I am having Fish tacos at the airport.

TUESDAY:  Crockpot/Rice Cooker - beans, rice.    I will at least put these on in the morning and just find something good to go on them. I should have beans of some kind in my pantry.

WEDNESDAY:  Pasta - garlic, tomatoes, basil sauce.  Homemade bisquits.

THURSDAY: Mac-n-Cheese & hot dogs for the kiddos. Complimented with carrots, broccoli & ranch.
Big Kids (Adults)  have business meeting... and will delight in Veggie Tray, Meat,Cheese & Cracker Tray.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY:  Camping Food!  Yes, our family is going camping this weekend. So, I will have to plan a camping menu over the next several days.  We are looking forward to roasting some marshmellos!

Have you planned your menu for the week?

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