Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So, what did you do this Summer?

Wow,  I am amazed how Summer has just flown by for our family.   And, if you asked me, "What did you do?"  -- I would seriously have a long drawn out pause and possibly a deer in the headlights kind of look too.

I am not really sure.




Movies (sad, I know...but, when it is triple digits - who really wants to be outside??)


Swimming... (yeah,  pools are cool -- literally)

My girls each had their own special time with their Mimi & Poppie (Grandma, Grandpa) this Summer.  Each of them has about 2 weeks of  "one" time. Sweet Rosi only stayed for about 5 days - she is only 3.5 years old.  But, she had her first time away -By-my-self!  And loved it.   To be spoiled?  Indeed!

The two older girls enjoyed their time at camp.  Sophia at an overnight camp & Lydia at a daycamp.  Camp is such a great opportunity for kids.  I remember back when I was a wee little girl attending the VERY same camp.   There were so many good memories for me -- and it was where I first remember accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior!
Campfire Songs of "What-a-lee- atcha. What-a-lee-atcha. Doodley Doo. Doodely Doo."   and "Kumbaya my Lord." in a round of course.
Pond time,  Craft time, Shooting bow&arrows,  Shooting guns onto a target sheet,  making new friends,  trying really hard not to put your elbows on the table at meal time - or thus around the bathroom you shall go.
Fun times.
Good times.
Blessed times.

So happy my girls experienced that this Summer.

Well.... Summer is not over quite yet for us.  We have another month to enjoy Mr. Sun.  So... I have some ideas planned and some Summer yearnings that need to be met.

1. Camping.
2. Beaches
3. Making Ice-cream

I will let you know about the others on the list too.... in another post.  

Summertime....to be continued......

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