Monday, July 25, 2011


I have been playing around with some design for my blog.  I thought a more simple design might look better.  So far I am liking it.  What do you say?

My goal was simplistic,  refreshing,  cute,  eye-catching...

Our main computer in the house has been extinct for quite sometime - and unfortunately it has most of my pictures on there AND it has my photo shop program.  My laptop does not -- so, I feel so trapped without it - because I love doing some photo designs in my blog posts - it was so convienant to have when designing the look of my blog.

Although - I have to admit *yes, I am fessing up here! ---  that even though the computer is sadly not working, it is difficult to even get to it.  There are mounds of  'stuff ' in the way.  My poor office is completely cluttered and the landing ground for almost EVERYTHING! Who put that stuff in there?

(I know hubby -  I am praying to get through it soon, really dear.  really, really)

So....without further ado.  I have been creative in designing my blog as best as blogger designs will allow me to tweak with it -- and as much as I even know how to tweak. Because, honestly folks, I am not a design geek.  Though, I truly aspire to be one.

Hope you enjoy the new look for now.   Seems, I am changing it often.  The story of my life.....


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