Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Savvy, Spunky, Super-Fun, Silly, Sweet, SIX YEAR OLD!


She is a Tomboy Princess!  

It is the best use of words to describe my Lydia because she dabbles into the best of both worlds! 
Lydia had a Star Wars birthday party this year!
Tomboy : She loves to get dirty with the bugs & worms (she has a heart to take care of those little squirmy creatures), swing on the monkey bars, ride fast & furious on her bike (doing tricks too), play outside games, --- she can keep up with the boys!  She holds her own for sure!
Lydia on her brand new bike she got from
Momma & Papa for her birthday

Princess:  Loves glitter & glamour,  wearing dresses or skirts all the time (and wears them with her twinkle toe sneakers), make-up & fingernail polish,  dolls, dance, sing.....

Lydia is quite spunky -- (she is my "strong-willed" child - she challenges me the most as a momma and God has taught me many things through her about Love, Grace, Mercy, much about parenting) -- however, she graces a sweet spirit that sometimes just sneaks in and surprises me.  I love her whimsical creative fun nature.

And her SMILE --- I  soak up the delight to see her smile!
This is a silly/excited smile -- I couldn't find
 the "real" Lydi smile that I love amongst my pictures
Lydia, --- Wow, it is crazy that you are 6!  Your personality is growing stronger and stronger and it is really beautiful.  I love getting to know you more with all the time we get spend together on our dates. I love you to pieces lil' stinker -- my Lydi-bug.  Happy Birthday sweet precious girl.   You are my delight, my joy.   I rejoice in the day of your birth and thank God for the blessings HE has created within your life.

My prayer and blessing for Lydia this year as a six year old:   I pray that Lydia will find her hope and identity in Christ.  I pray that the "self" attitude she currently possess would transform into a "help & love others" kind of attitude. Lydia, I pray that you would step in and do things even if you don't want to.  I pray blessings of deep friendships, sisterly love, health, safety, joy.

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